About Us

Pikes Peak Alpine School is a mountain school and guide service based in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. The School has been teaching and offering guidance to mountaineers, climbers, and snow riders since 1989. We hold the ONLY year-round permit to guide ROCK, SNOW, and ICE on Pikes Peak.

We love rock, snow, and ice. Having the ability to adjust to the current conditions of the terrain allows us to teach, guide, and play year round. Some of our favorite ways to experience the unwavering beauty of the Springs is to climb the technical routes and hike to the summit of our backyard 14er, Pikes Peak. We offer single or multi-pitch climbing on rock in the warmer months and ice climbing in the winter months. Guests can take one of our multi-day mountaineering courses preparing them for climbs on glaciated terrain around the world. Avalanche education is among our core programs at Pikes Peak Alpine School. For a skier/snowboarder looking to get away from the resorts and step out into the backcountry for the first time or a hiker working on the 14ers and looking to include a few winter ascents, avalanche training is a must. Regardless the season, we get out and want you to join us!

Our mission at Pikes Peak Alpine School is to provide guidance and education for climbers, mountaineers, skiers, and splitboarders. Our passion is extended to all ages and all levels of experience for the enjoyment and safety of the outdoor community.

Established 1989

Why Choose Our Guides?

Smaller ratios: Most of the climbs and outings we guide are 2:1 guest to guide ratios. This means more hands on for participants on courses and bigger objectives for guided climbs. This also means the course or climb can be customized. We aim to truly know our guests by the end of the day or the trip, not just a name in the crowd.

Professional guides: The PPAS guides encompass the three qualities that make up a great guide. Our guides are experienced, qualified and passionate about what they do. We understand the mountains have an infinite amount of knowledge to be acquired. Our guides are passionate to continue to improve their own personal skills, whether it’s spending time together in the mountains or crags on off-days or professional development through the American Mountain Guides Association. We hold ourselves to a high standard of expertise and knowledge, making Pikes Peak Alpine School the leading authorities of current affairs in the Front Range. This passion has evolved over years of experience making us who we are. It fuels our enthusiasm to adventure and educate new and experienced climbers alike. 

AMGA Training and Certification: Because some climbing areas (including Garden of the Gods) don’t require climbing guides to have any formal training, hiring a guide can be “climber beware”.  As well as in-house training all of our guides have subjected themselves to the examination and assessment from the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). The AMGA is the only internationally recognized third party standard for guide training and certification. Our guides have higher level of training and experience than any other company in Colorado Springs.  Each of our guides have taken at minimum, the AMGA Rock Guide Course. To better understand the AMGA training investment, see the flowchart below.

American Mountain Guides Association, AMGA Flow Chart and Guide Title Breakdown.

Apprentice Alpine Guide = Alpine Guide Course
Assistant Alpine Guide = Advanced Alpine Guide Course
Certified Alpine Guide = Alpine Guide Exam

Apprentice Rock Guide = Rock Guide Course
Assistant Rock Guide = Advanced Rock Guide Course
Certified Rock Guide = Rock Guide Exam

Apprentice Ski Guide = Ski Guide Course
Assistant Ski Guide = Advanced Ski Guide Course
Certified Ski Guide = Ski Guide Exam

Only AMGA Certified and Trained Guides.

As a mountain school Pikes Peak Alpine School has taught mountaineers, climbers, and skiers and offered guidance since 1989. We hold the ONLY permit to guide ROCK, SNOW, and ICE on Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak Alpine School operates under special use permits from the USDA Forest Service, Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider & employer