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Steep Ice Course Dates:

  • Apr. 12

  • Apr. 26

  • Lincoln Falls

Course cost: $185 each with a minimum of 2 participants.



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Total Abandon and Blind Assumption divided by the Corinthian Column.

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Advanced Ice Climbing, Steep Ice Instruction

Ready to take the next step (and swing) with your ice climbing? With previous experience ice climbing this course will utilize what you know and build upon those skills. You'll take home new techniques and desires for climbing steep ice.

Skills covered include:

  • Efficient movement
  • Belaying fundamentals.
  • Rope management .
  • Knots.
  • Gear selection and use.
  • Introduce ice screws and placement.
  • Anchors.
  • Top Roping considerations.
  • Climbing with leash-less vs. leashes.

Program Highlights:

  • Maximum ratio of one guide for every two climbers to ensure a safe and challenging experience.
  • Climbing agenda tailored to the wants and abilities of all participants
  • Climbs offered in Colorado Springs, on Pikes Peak and surrounding areas.
  • Free equipment use for individuals that do not have their own mountaineering boots, ice climbing tools and crampons, as well as helmets, harnesses and belay devices

Course Location:

  • Lincoln Falls on Hoosier Pass,near Breckenridge. October-May
  • North Cheyenne Canyon, Hully Gully, in Colorado Springs. December-March
Prior ice climbing experience.
Helmets, harnesses, boots, crampons, and technical tools; does not include personal clothing for climbing

Prices are per person

8+ hours (Long Day rate)


Maximum: 1 guide to 2 guest ratio

Pikes Peak Classic Ice Routes, Guided Ascents

Our classic ice climbs high on the north face of Pikes Peak will amaze you. Stunning 3 and 4 pitch routes that come into condition early season and hang around late into the spring. These routes are our guides favorites.

Two classic alpine multi-pitch ice routes. Routes in condition September-November and April-June.

We'll depart Colorado Springs at 7am and drive the Pikes Peak Highway to 13,000'. The 50 minute approach starts with the Hero Traverse above the stunning western edge of the Bottomless Pit. This appetizing warm-up peaks your interest and tests your footwork in a dramatic alpine setting. The traverse to the Corinthian Column, deposits you at the base of these classic ice routes. Continually delivering drips of water on either side of the column, the ice thin and sometimes thick, is always good for adventure. Total Abandon and Blind Assumption are alpine classics for sure. Even with a short approach and descent, with drive time this can be a 8+ hour day.

Prior WI4 ice climbing experience is necessary.
Must provide own climbing gear. Rental available.

Prices are per person

Maximum: 1 guide to 2 guest ratio

Pikes Peak Alpine School operates under special use permits from the USDA Forest Service, Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider & employer.